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LawnTech offers the finest lawn care and tree care services in the southeast Idaho area. We provide landscaping, lawn care, tree trimming, pest control and sprinkler services to the Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Blackfoot, and Rexburg areas. Our knowledgeable and courteous staff is highly qualified to solve problems and improve the health of your landscape. You can trust LawnTech to provide the latest technology and expertise with your plant health care needs.

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lawn care serviceWe’ve been providing lawn care services specific to the East Idaho climate, soils and topography since 1981. LawnTech can get you that dream yard you’ve always wanted.

Lawn Services:

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tree trimming idaho fallsTrees and shrubs represent an important, and often large, part of your landscape. LawnTech has more Certified Arborists on staff than any other company in East Idaho. Our arborists will evaluate your landscape and determine the care needed to maintain the health and vigor of your plants. Each program is uniquely tailored as no two landscapes are exactly the same. Find out more…

sprinkler service idahoAn automatic sprinkler system removes the human element so you don’t forget to water your lawn and other elements of your landscape. A well designed system will irrigate your lawn and landscape beds automatically and unattended, will conserve water by following specific watering schedules and have low maintenance heads that don’t interfere with normal mowing and trimming operation.

A LawnTech sprinkler technician can diagnose problems with your system and make repairs when necessary. We also offer seasonal startup and winterization services. We guarantee our winterization from freezing-related damage, so you’ll never have to worry about your system breaking over the winter and causing costly repairs.

We also offer design and new installation services for new systems. Contact our Landscaping department for more information and a Free Estimate. Find out more…

landscapers idahoLawnTech offers custom landscape design services that can transform your yard into a refuge from your day. The Idaho Falls Parade of Homes has featured our custom landscapes and we have been awarded Best Exterior multiple times.

Our certified and knowledgeable experts have been trained to know what landscaping options will work best for your landscape needs. We know how to make your landscape not only look great now, but thrive for years to come. Call today or request a Free Estimate online now. Find out more…

idaho pest control
We can keep your home or business free of pests with perimeter pest control. A barrier treatment of the building’s perimeter can help protect against pest invasion. Insects can invade through cracks in the foundation, loose dryer vents, partially open mortar joints, loose-fitting window frames, drains, sump pumps or any other openings from the outside. Some crawl across door sills and slide under ill-fitting storm doors or entry doors. Successful perimeter pest control depends on application of a barrier treatments to all possible points of entry.

LawnTech Pest Control can treat interior and exterior spaces for many common pests including:

  • Spiders (including Hobo Spiders)
  • Ants
  • Mice/Rodents
  • Box Elder Bugs
  • Earwigs
  • Wasp & Hornets
  • Other Specialty Treatments

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pruning service in idahoTrust your trees to LawnTech. Our ISA Certified Arborists have your tree’s health as their first priority and follow ANSI 300 professional pruning standards. Proper pruning and care early in life can increase your tree’s value many times over. From small new trees to large, old growth trees we can make sure your trees are healthy and safe.

From Small Tree and Shrub Pruning to Large Tree Removal

The smaller trees and shrubs in your landscape shouldn’t be ignored. With proper pruning you can keep your plants healthy, growing, and blooming beautifully. Find out more…

idaho weed controlNobody likes weeds. Unwanted vegetation on your property is unsightly, can create a fire hazard and is unsanitary. Weeds detract from property image and value and can provide habitat for other pests such as rodents that invade homes and businesses.

Areas controlled include:

  • Shrub and landscape beds
  • Sidewalk and driveway cracks
  • Gravel driveways
  • Fence lines and building perimeter

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