Deep Root Fertilization

Deep Root Fertilization

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Deep Root FertilizationIn the Fall or Spring you can add a Deep Root Fertilization for your trees and shrubs to help young and stressed trees thrive in East Idaho.

• Deep Root Fertilization contains a specialized mix of micro-nutrients and arborist-quality fertilizers.

• Can be beneficial for stressed shrubs.

• Timed either in late fall or early spring.

• Effective for an entire growing season.

Get a Free Estimate to find if your trees will benefit

Not all trees and shrubs are great candidates for Deep Root Fertilization. A Free Estimate can identify which trees in your landscape should be fertilized.

• Not all fertilization is created equal.

• Our experts can recommend what should and should not be fertilized.

• Some varieties of trees and shrubs are not recommended for Deep Root Fertilization.

• Encouraging excessive growth can make some trees more susceptible to pests or disease.

Systemic Insect Applications in Fall

This is also a good time of year to do Soil Systemic applications for Birch Trees. If you have birch trees they are susceptible to the Bronze Birch Borer, which if very prevalent in East Idaho. A systemic treatment in the fall can protect the trees for an entire season. If you have birch trees, call us for a Free Estimate to protect them.

Call Today at (208) 523-5296 to Request a Free Estimate or use the form on this page.

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