About LawnTech

In 1982, after owning and operating several businesses throughout their lives, brothers Kim and Kurt Johnson joined efforts to create LawnTech. In the beginning, the vision was simple, to provide customers with green, weed free lawns. Over time, they realized that trees needed a different kind of care, so in 1993 the “Plant Health Care” concept was adopted and the first ISA Certified Arborist joined LawnTech in 1994.

Since that time LawnTech has grown to become the leading specialist for tree care, lawn care, pest control, pruning, and landscaping in the area. With a focus on becoming the most educated service provider in East Idaho, LawnTech offers the knowledge and expertise to provide customers with the results they expect. 

Kim & Kurt Johnson

Our Core Values


Conscientiousness is doing the right thing because it’s the the right thing. LawnTech is committed to providing the best possible experience for every customer. Since our beginning, quality has always been a major theme of our service. We strive to be thorough, careful and vigilant to provide the service you deserve. We want each experience with our customers to be an excellent one, guaranteeing satisfaction not only this season, but in the seasons to come.


To LawnTech, professionalism is having the skills and training to produce the results you expect. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your landscape is receiving the best care possible. With seven ISA Certified Arborists on our team, we offer the best expertise and results possible. LawnTech is committed to providing services on time, with the correct materials, by those who has been trained in the best practices.


Acts of kindness are at the core of LawnTech’s mission. We are devoted to treating each customer with respect, compassion, and gratitude. Without our customers we would not have a business, so we are here to serve you. We want every encounter to leave our customers pleased with the services we have provided and the people who provide them.


LawnTech promises to give each customer the best service possible and is committed to training our employees thoroughly and properly. In the event that something falls beneath our standards, we will see the issue through until it is resolved. Integrity drives our motivation to claim responsibility and ensure the correct results are achieved every time for each customer.