Idaho’s Most Beautiful Landscapes Start With LawnTech

idaho falls landscaping

LawnTech’s custom landscaping services can transform your yard into a refuge from your day. The Idaho Falls Parade of Homes has featured our custom landscape designs and we have been awarded Best Exterior multiple times.

Our certified and knowledgeable experts have been trained to know what landscaping options will work best for your landscape needs. We know how to make your landscape not only look great now, but thrive for years to come. Call today or request a Free Estimate online now.

Landscape Renovation

While major elements of your landscape (like trees) can have a healthy life for over 100 years, many other elements should be renovated regularly and changed to fit your changing needs and the needs of your landscape.

LawnTech provides landscaping renovation, including hardscaping such as water features, flagstone patios, pavers, vegetation control and seasonal color displays.

LawnTech’s expert landscape professionals can also help with the installation of trees, plants, sod, hydroseeding, mulch, retaining walls, enhancements, and more. If your landscape is more than 15 years old you should consider a renovation. Our trained and certified staff can help you with a free estimate and consultation. Call today or Request an Estimate Online.

Landscaping Water Features

Water features create a warm relaxing mood to a landscape. LawnTech has the experience and knowledge to provide a water feature design that will suit your needs. Our water feature designs can range in size from small and elegant, to a grand piece that creates a major focal point within a landscape. We provide a one year warranty on the installation of any water feature and stand by our work. We pride ourselves on installing a water feature that works properly and is leak free.

For those that are worried about the maintenance, we offer installation of a pondless water feature that requires no cleaning. We have the education and experience to make a custom and personalized design to improve the value and feel to your home.

Landscape Hydroseeding

You can have a beautiful, full new lawn for less through our hydraulic planting method. Save up to 75% over the cost of sod.

LawnTech’s custom seed blends of improved Kentucky Bluegrass and perennial ryegrass produce lawns of exceptional quality that thrive in our local conditions.

We use balanced fertilizers and mulch, all of which are non-toxic.

A professionally installed lawn following our strict quality standards is ready to begin mowing in 21-28 days.