Deep Root Fertilization

Protecting You and Your Trees’ Best Interests

Pruning in Bucket TruckTrees are the biggest items in your landscape and can affect everything from your home value to heating and cooling costs.
A well pruned tree can increase its value many times over. A dangerous or poorly placed tree can be removed to add value and usability to your landscape. LawnTech can even grind out stumps so that they are completely removed and grass can be planted over the area so that it’s like it was never there.

Pruning has many benefits:

    • Reduced Hazards
    • Increased Property Value
    • Healthier Trees

LawnTech has more ISA Certified Arborists on staff than any other tree care company in Idaho. Call us at (208) 523-5296 or Request a Free Estimate Now using the form at the right.

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