idaho falls weed control

Weed Control Services

Nobody likes weeds. Unwanted vegetation on your property is unsightly, can create a fire hazard and is unsanitary. Weeds detract from property image and value and can provide habitat for other pests such as rodents that invade homes and businesses.

WeedOut Program

The WeedOut Program is designed to control non-turf weeds on a season-long basis. This program generally begins in the fall and gets those nasty weed problems before they germinate.

Areas controlled include:

  • Shrub and landscape beds
  • Sidewalk and driveway cracks
  • Gravel driveways
  • Fence lines and building perimeter

RoundupĀ® Pre-plant Vegetation Control

Non-selective control of all foliated weeds prior to planting turf, gardens, or landscapes. This treatment does not affect soil and planting is possible within a few days after treatment.

Bareground Vegetation Control

Long-term residual control of weeds for areas where no growth of any kind is wanted. Best for industrial, gravel parking, and building perimeters. This treatment cannot be applied near tree and shrub roots or where water runoff may carry the product off target to desirable plants.