Sprinkler System Startup

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The question that I receive from customers most is, “When do I turn my sprinkler system on in the spring?” This varies year to year depending on the temperature and moisture in the ground. Temperatures should be consistently above freezing in the mornings to prevent ice on your lawn and prevent sprinkler components from breaking. In the Spring I pay attention to the moisture in the soil to determine whether it needs water or not. Remember that turf does not require as much moisture in the spring as it does during the summer months.

When you decide to turn your sprinkler system on, please remember to check everything out before walking away from your system. We see a number of cases every year where flooding occurs due to a broken pipe or an open valve. I always recommend running through your system to check everything before letting it run on its own. This also helps you find any problems you may have early enough in the year that you hopefully will not have to fight your system during the season.

If you don’t know enough about your sprinkler system, or if you don’t have the time to go through it, it pays to have someone come out and go through it for you. You can take that opportunity to ask about timing for your system and find out how the rain delay works and get anything addressed that may cause problems later on. You can always call LawnTech for sprinkler system startup and repair at (208) 523-5296.

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