The Importance of Fall Weed Control in Lawns

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As we round the corner into the home stretch of the season my motto is: “It is way easier (and cheaper!) to prepare and prevent than repair and repent!” If you have been meticulous in your lawn care throughout the race of spring and summer, whether on your own or with a company, I bet its looking really good by now. The temptation is to say “I’ve done my job for this year”. The problem with this thought is that the key to an easier and more successful season next year is what you do right now.

Why Fall Weed Control?

Many of our most obvious and pernicious weeds are those that germinate in early fall, the winter annuals; or those that last from year to year, the perennials. Some examples of these are: dandelion, clover, yarrow, plantain and thistle. These weeds can seem impossible to kill and are often the most vexing to homeowners and lawn care companies alike. These plants have developed large or complex root systems that are either difficult to pull out (dandelions) or are difficult to be sure you got them all (clover).

The reason fall is the perfect time to treat these weeds is that fall is when plants are preparing to survive the winter. They are no longer concentrating on developing leaves, stems or seeds, they are concentrating on developing their root systems. This means that any extra nutrients or water is being sent directly to those root systems. Which also means that any herbicides the weeds take in is sent to those same large, complex root systems that have us frustrated. All of which combine to ensure the most effective weed control of the year.

Fertilization is Important Too!

This same reasoning also explains why it is the fertilizer treatment that can give you the most value for your money. Instead of directly translating the fertilizer into the growth of the grass blades the plant sends it down to strengthen its root system. This helps to ensure a good start for next year and minimizes the opportunities spring weeds have for getting a toe hold in your lawn.

If you miss a fall lawn treatment it is not the end of the world. It just means that next year will be more of an uphill battle than picking off the few stragglers that sneaked through. So please remember, Don’t Skip the Last One! We are happy to give a free estimate on what it would take to help your landscape! Fall is great time to start a new program as well. Please give our office a call at (208) 523-5296!


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